•Unfinished Ladders are made of Red Oak

•Finished Ladders are made of Maple or Poplar

•Wood thickness is true 1"

•Steps are 5.5" deep and spaced 12" apart

​•Ladder's feet are cut at standardized 15 degree angle, and width built at standardized 18"


We recommend the mounting kit for applications where holding the ladder against the wall is important. The mounting kit consists of a wall mounted bar, and two hooks that mount to the rear of the ladder. The hooks then "hook" over the bar holding the ladder to the bar/wall.


We encourage you to reach out via email at artfxwoodworks@gmail.com or by phone directly at 678-773-8587 if you have any questions at all . We love taking custom orders to ensure your ladder fits your space and vision perfectly. We can customize the height, number of steps, angle, width, wood, or finish to make your perfect ladder. For each custom order, we create a customized digital drawing of your ladder to be sure you are comfortable with your ladder prior to ordering.


Loft Ladder | Library Ladder | Painted | Stained | Unfinished

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