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Average production time for custom orders? 14 days

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What are common variations for frequently ordered products?

•New vs. reclaimed wood
•General design tweaks on any & all works
•Designs with vertical v. diagonal v. horizontal boards (or a hybrid of these).
•Finishing (degree of matte or glossiness)
•Colors / stain
•Wood type

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Where do you ship to? Nationwide

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Why are you doing this?

We take pride in taking what is destined for landfills or campfires and breathing new life into these materials, transforming them into works of art to warm a home or cabin. We spend significant time examining every piece of material we find to figure out how best to utilize it and bring out its unique beauty.

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How are you different from other woodworkers & craftsmen?

Our artists love to work with and for others. They enjoy using their talents for particular purposes, and achieve the greatest level of satisfaction in working directly with clients from start to the finish of projects.

We prefer made to order projects because we like to work 1-on-1 with our clients. We enjoy tailoring our work to meet their needs and align with particular tastes. We have taken on all kinds of custom projects – from those that are extremely specific regarding what is to be produced, to those that have requested we use our creative freedom entirely (and everything between these 2 extremes). Regardless of what is requested, nothing makes us happier than seeing the face of a satisfied customer after they view our finished work for the first time.

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From where do you source your wood?

To date, we have typically used historic wood from 1800s-era structures. We have sourced this wood from old barns, houses, etc that we personally tear down by hand in efforts to salvage their materials for crafting reclaimed furniture. We most prefer to source from historical structures that have wonderful stories to tell and high quality materials such as heart pine.

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Why should I buy from you?

Our one-of-a-kind furniture & art are of the highest quality – built to last for decades. Buying from us means you or a loved one will get the exact item you envision, that your request will be handled professionally with the respect it deserves, and that the final output we produce for you will brighten your home or business for years to come.

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What makes your products unique?

All of the materials used to craft our products have great historical significance and are sourced locally. We use reclaimed wood, and we repurpose old materials to turn it into art or furniture. Our products are entirely handmade. Each piece is unique in style, size, wood, finish, etc.
What also differentiates our products are the ability to produce any custom order, easily reproduce multiple variations of products we sell (i.e., if a different size is preferred), we use particular types of wood that are rare/hard to find, and our turnaround time is extremely fast.

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Do your products come pre-assembled?

Almost all (~95%) of our products arrive fully complete & set for your home. They are immediately able to be hung or utilized. A small subset of our offerings (~5%) - for particular types of products - such as beds, do require very minimal assembly, typically taking no more than 15 minutes max to assemble.

For example, our handmade beds are shipped to your door in two boxes. What comes in a full bed order is the headboard, footboard, and side rails. Simply remove the contents from the box and fit the 4 pieces together by hand – no tools necessary. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

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What are your most popular items?

•Barn Doors
•Ladders - Wood Ladder, Custom Wood Ladder, Library Ladder, Rolling Ladder, Closet Ladder, Loft Ladder, Kitchen Ladder built-to-order
•Tables - Farmhouse Table, Live edge table, Custom Tables, Kitchen table, Dining table, Coffee table, sofa table, homestyle table, vintage table, rustic table
•Shelf, Shelves, Shelving - Wood Shelf, wood shelves, wood shelving - custom, made to order, handmade - customized shelves reclaimed wood
•Bench - industrial & rustic
•Home decor
•Custom furniture
•Custom art
•Beds - bed, custom bed, headboard, platform bed, queen bed, king bed, rustic bed, antique bed,
•Rustic, vintage, modern, custom, industrial, antique style furniture - multiple designs

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I have a question that your website does not answer - what should I do?

Please reach out to us via email or phone. We will respond within 2 business days - usually same day.

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